I don’t need easy, I just need possible!

Woman. Mother. Daughter. Wife. Marathoner. Enthusiastic. 5 foot if I stand up tall. Ultrarunner. Morning person. Communications Manager at Cranfield University. Liable to fall over whilst running. Copywriter. Optimistic. Marketing specialist. Daydreamer. Inspirationalist. Sleep-deprived. Creative. Friendly. Reader. Tattooed. Extroverted exterior with an introverted soul. Child of the 80s. Ex-parkrun event director. Geocaching widow.

Inspired by:
Brilliance. Friends. Chrissie Wellington. My daughters. Jo Pavey. Sunrises. Sunsets. Paula Radcliffe. Challenging myself. Positivity. My husband. Beaches. Lake District. Mountains.

Running. Coffee. The sound of waves crashing onto the beach. Clifftop runs. White wine. Trails. parkrun. Dark chocolate. My job. Cycling. Mojitos. Milton Keynes. Marathon Talk. Party rings. Cool bedsheets. Nut butter. Self-esteem. Adventure. Greek salads. Being outdoors. Sic-fi. Technology. Cycling to the pub.

Fish. Cross country running. Red wine. Chocolate with other stuff in. Swimming. Olives.

Good at:
My job. Solving mazes. Baking cakes. Making plans. Chatting to anyone. Reading while I eat. Making chocolate chip cookies. Wasting time.

Bad at:
Remembering birthdays. Decorating cakes. Doing household chores.

I wish I could:
Sing. Speak a foreign language.

I dream of:
Sleep. Not doing any housework. Buying more running kit. Buying another bike. Not having to work so I could run and cycle more. More girls enjoying sport.

Be the person you want to be. Follow your heart and make your own choices. Be smart and kind. Defy the rules and standards that the majority follows, fly your own colours. Challenge yourself. Open yourself to possibilities. Trust yourself. Don’t be afraid of failing. Be your own kind of beautiful.