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Indoor turbo session

On the weekend of the 13th and 14th June I should have been tackling the Three Peaks Challenge (Ben Nevis, Scarfell Pike and Snowdon in 24 hours) with a group of girlfriends – the things we’ll do to get some time away from the kids and husbands. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be due to the coronavirus.

Instead I found myself scrolling through Zwift Insider and I discovered that the ‘Unemployed’ badge on Zwift had been renamed the ‘Working from Home’ badge. So that was it, I work from home so obviously I have to bag the badge.

The ‘Working from Home’ badge is awarded when you, as Zwift says, “Ride a lap 14 days in a row”. My main question was, “How far is a lap?” and it turns out a lap isn’t very far – 10k according to Zwift and 5k a day according to Zwifter Dave Higgins. That sounded achievable, but I decided to do the 10k each day just to make sure I got the badge.

So off we go…

Day 1: Not route bagging the Greater London Loop

I decided to ride the Greater London Loop to add towards ticking off all the Zwift routes. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the badge as it turned out I already have the badge. Doh! I need to update my spreadsheet more often.

Day 2: New bike day

I had over three million Drops burning a hole in my virtual pocket so I spent a fair few of them and bought a Specialized Tarmac Pro as I’m hankering after a Specialized Tarmac in real-life.

For today’s ride, I joined my tri clubs (Greenlight PT) Turbo Tuesday session on Zoom and Zwift. It was a VO2 Max session called ‘Levels’ and at first glance it looked horrendous. I’ve been suffering from a bit of overtraining, but I’ve been having rest days and taking it easy, and my resting heart rate is back to normal so I decided to give it a go. I got halfway through the second effort before my body went, “Nah!”, so I backed off and pedalled in zone one and two for the rest of the session while taking great delight in saying “Nope, not doing that!” every time Coach Adam counted in another effort.

Day 3: Going nowhere fast

My resting heart rate is higher this morning, although less than 10bpm higher than normal, but to avoid putting myself into the red today I’ve been on to and created a workout of zone one and mid-to-low zone two intervals (just to keep the brain engaged). It’s kind of weird pedalling at 90-100rpm on a zone one effort while watching yourself go up the NYC KOM – you’re pedalling like a pedally-thing and going absolutely nowhere.

Day 4: Tick tock on the clock

Resting heart rate is back to normal, so since I’m awake early I decide to have a spin before work on the Watopia Tick Tock route. Had you Strava Stalked me you might think that I got carried away and done some sweet spot intervals but I couldn’t possibly comment on that – even though I felt fine afterwards. Coach Adam has been Strava Stalking me after I made an overtraining comment in the Facebook group and I’ve been told nothing more than zone two for a few weeks, along with a focus on food, sleep and hydration. Yes sir!

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